We the general assembly
Feeling the potent need to assist all mothers in need of care;
Keeping in mind that many countries lack sufficient funds to provide proper health care;
Appealing to the countries who hold the funds to assist the developing countries;
In order to construct peace between developed and developing countries;

1. We call upon willing and able governments to help provide accessible medical centers for expecting mothers;
2. In order to improve the health of expecting mothers we encourage funding for drinkable water in developing countries;
3. Work toward obtaining a sex educated population in both developed and developing countries.
4. Provide road ways and routes to make medical facilities more accessible.
5. Instill more "women friendly" hospitals in countries with gender controlled social standings.
6. Work to provide emergency response vehicles for the citizens in rural areas.
7. Encourage the ‘National Big Brother Buddy System’ for rich countries to metaphorically adopt poor countries and provide them with money.

Bangladesh,Haiti,Cambodia, Romania