Introduction to Model UN Resources!

Here are some resources, including videos, websites, and documents, to help any teacher/Model UN adviser introduce their students to Model UN and the United Nations!

(1) Videos

A Day in the Life of Ban Ki-Moon, Secretary-General of the United Nations
What are Human Rights?
The UN: It's Your World

(2) Preparing Students for Model UN Conferences: Mini-Activities that Build 21st Century Skills

(3) How to Start a Model UN Club

(4) Parliamentary Procedure

(5) Silly Simulation Kits

Junkfood in Schools:

Briefing on Topic:

Stakeholder Positions:

School Uniforms:

Briefing on Topic:

Stakeholder Positions:

(6) Chairing Materials and Guidelines

How to Chair:

Basic Chairing Cue Cards:

(7) Draft Resolutions Templates