Welcome to UNA-GB's Mini-Simulation Library!

The mini-simulations make Model UN an easy to put together activity for students because the topic guide is short-only 1-2 pages and country positions are pre-written for students.This allows students to focus on learning Model UN parliamentary procedure and is a great way to expose new students to the program or to cap off a related unit of study.

A Model UN simulation usually requires 2 class periods, if it is to be done during school time and as an after school activity, we generally allot 3 hours for a mini-sim. You will notice that the pages below have 15 countries; this will allow most classroom teachers to use the mini-simulation materials in their classroom by pairing students in double delegations (two students assigned one country).

In addition, we have provided supplementary materials that are completely optional; you can choose to kick off your mini-simulation with a brief video about the topic or you can assign countries to students in advance and then give them this wiki's URL so that they can read about their country for homework the night before.

However, if you don't have time for extra preparation, you can simply print out the topic guide and the country positions and give the students 15 minutes prior to the simulation to get ready.

As always, contact the Education Department for more information and support education@unagb.org

The Challenge of North Korea

Nuclear Energy

Security Council Reform

The Uprising in Syria

Chemical Weapons

Yom Kippur

Cultural Extinction

Failed States

Piracy at Sea

Youth Employment

Rise of Slums