Happy 66th Birthday to the United Nations!

The United Nations Association of Greater Boston invites you to jump into the world of Model UN this fall!Un_Day.gif

Model UN has never been easier! Using this site, you can print all the materials (FREE!) that you need to get your students thinking critically, engaging globally, and acting locally! This year we have chosen the topic "Child Marriage" for UN Day 2011 and encourage students to get involved with the Girl Up Campaign which mobilizes American girls to stand up for the human rights of girls around the world.

UN Day Instant Model UN in just THREE STEPS!


Distribute the topic guide to your students

Click the above link to access an overview of the topic.


Assign countries with our ready to use country positions

Click the link above to access pre-written position guides for all the countries that your students will be representing.


Use our cheat sheet to chair a simulation

Click the above link to access our easy to follow guides on how to act as committee chairperson and lead your students in a simulation.

Don't Forget!

Contact us to tell us how you are planning to celebrate UN Day 2011! We want to hear from you and would LOVE to feature photos of your Model UN students on our blog!

And that's it!

With just a few simple clicks you've already got everything you need to hold your own Model United Nations simulation. All that's left to do is to build a classroom of 21st century global learners!

If you don't feel comfortable acting as chairperson in your classroom, please feel free to contact us, and we will do our best to connect you with a university student who can come into your class, help with chairing duties, and make sure everything goes smoothly. For this, or any other questions or comments that you might have, email us at education@unagb.org.

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